PF3D7_1416500 NADP-specific glutamate dehydrogenase

Cytosolic localization of GDHa D10 parasites were transfected with pHH1-gdha-GFP and WR99210-resistant parasites were analysed by fluorescence microscopy. GDHa-GFP (panel 1) does not co-localize with the nucleus (Hoechst 33342 staining, panel 2) nor with the mitochondrion (MitoTracker staining, panel 3). From the merged image it is clear that GDHa is a cytosolic protein. Nuclear stain Hoechst 33342 and the mitochondrial stain MitoTracker Red and microscopy revealed that the GFP-fusion protein was present exclusively in the cytosol of the parasites

Storm J, Perner J, Aparicio I, Patzewitz EM, Olszewski K, Llinas M, Engel PC, Müller S. Plasmodium falciparum glutamate dehydrogenase a is dispensable and not a drug target during erythrocytic development. Malar J. 2011 10:193