PF3D7_1033200 early transcribed membrane protein 10.2

Co-localization of PfJ23 with PfEMP1 using immunofluorescence assays. Expression analysis and co-localization patterns of PfJ23 with PfEMP1 at different stages of parasite asexual life cycle. DIC: bright field image, DAPI: nuclear staining using DAPI, PfSBP1 and PfEMP1: mice anti-PfSBP1 or anti-PfEMP1 primary antibodies followed by Alexa fluor secondary antibodies (red), PfJ23: rabbit anti-PfJ23 antibodies followed by Alexa fluor secondary antibodies (green), Merge: overlay of PfJ23 with PfSBP1 or PfEMP1. Asexual life cycle stage is mentioned to the left of each panel, white arrows indicate selected ROIs where colocalization was visible and pink arrows represent the selected ROIs where no colocalization was observed (negative controls).

Kaur J, Kumar V, Singh AP, Singh V, Bisht A, Dube T, Panda JJ, Behl A, Mishra PC, Hora R. Plasmodium falciparum protein 'PfJ23' hosts distinct binding sites for major virulence factor 'PfEMP1' and Maurer's cleft marker 'PfSBP1'. Pathog Dis. 2018. [Epub ahead of print]

Other associated proteins

PFID Formal Annotation
PF3D7_0800200 erythrocyte membrane protein 1, PfEMP1