PF3D7_1219000 formin 2

Apicomplexan formins have distinct protein domains, with Formin-2 localising to

Apicoplasts. I. IFA showing localisation of PfFRM2-HA (green) in the context of a PfACT1-antibody staining (red). Nuclei are stained with DAPI (blue). PfFRM2 showed a punctate pattern within cells J. IFA showing localisation of PfFRM2-HA in context of apicoplasts using a CPN60 antibody (red) throughout P. falciparum intracellular development (24, 40, 48h). Observe close proximity of the apicoplasts with most of the PfFRM2 punctae throughout the 48h Plasmodium blood stage life-cycle. K. Super-resolution image confirming the apparent proximity of PfFRM2-staining (green) with apicoplasts (orange). Scale bars are 5μm, except where otherwise noted.

Felix Stortz J, Del Rosario M, Singer M, Wilkes JM, Meissner M, Das S. Formin-2 drives polymerisation of actin filaments enabling segregation of apicoplasts and cytokinesis in Plasmodium falciparum. Elife. 2019 8. pii: E49030