PF3D7_0209100 patatin-like phospholipase 1; PNPLA1

Conditional deletion of PfPATPL1 exon 3 inhibits rupture of PVM and EM to prevent egress. (A) Ultrastructural changes in gametocytes following

conditional deletion of PfPATPL1 exon 3. Rap+ and Rap− gametocyte cultures were activated by incubation at 25 °C in activation medium containing XA for

20 min. TEM was used to follow ultrastructural changes in unactivated (UAc) and activated (Ac) Rap+ and Rap− gametocytes. Unactivated Rap− (UAc Rap−)

and Rap+ (UAc Rap+) gametocytes contain 4 peripheral membranous layers including the outermost host EM followed by a PVM, PPM, and the IMC. Activated

Rap− gametes (Ac Rap−) contain only PPM and IMC. A significant proportion of activated Rap+ gametes (Ac Rap+) remain surrounded by all of the

4 peripheral membranous layers, i.e., EM, PVM, PPM, and IMC after activation.

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