PF3D7_1211900 non-SERCA-type Ca2+ -transporting P-ATPase, ATP4

Scaffold 7 causes Na+ influx in P. falciparum by targeting a Na+ dependent ATPase. (a) Representative confocal microscopic images of P. falciparum stained with Sodium Green showing rise in Na+ levels in the treated parasites. Scaffold 7 increases the cytosolic concentration of Na+.

Dangi P, Jain R, Mamidala R, Sharma V, Agarwal S, Bathula C, Thirumalachary M, Sen S, Singh S. Natural Product Inspired Novel Indole based Chiral Scaffold Kills Human Malaria Parasites via Ionic Imbalance Mediated Cell Death. Sci Rep. 2019 9(1):17785. PMID: 31780808