PF3D7_1222600 AP2 domain transcription factor AP-G

Nuclear  localization  of  epitope-­‐tagged  PfAP2-G Immunolocalization  of  PfAP2‐G‐HAx3  subclone  9A  parasites   synchronized   to  ring,  pigmented  trophozoite  and  schizont   stages,  scale  bar  =  1µm. Representative  of   n=8  biological  replicates at  various  time points.

Kafsack BF, Rovira-Graells N, Clark TG, Bancells C, Crowley VM, Campino SG, Williams AE, Drought LG, Kwiatkowski DP, Baker DA, Cortés A, Llinás M. A transcriptional switch underlies commitment to sexual development in malaria parasites. Nature. 2014 507(7491):248-52.