PF3D7_0209000 6-cysteine protein p230

Histone acetylation and hyper-acetylation following treatment of gametocytes with TSA. (A,B) Presence of acetylated histones in gametocytes. Acetylated histones were detected in the different gametocyte stages (GC stage II-V) via immunolabeling using rabbit anti-H3K9ac (A) and anti-H4Kac4 (B) antibodies (green). Gametocytes were highlighted with mouse antibodies against the gametocyte marker Pfs230 (red). Nuclei were highlighted by Hoechst nuclear stain 33342 (blue). Bar, 5 μm. Histone acetylation was detected throughout the nuclei of gametocyte stages II-V highlighted by Hoechst staining and immunolabeling of Pfs230, respectively.

Ngwa CJ, Kiesow MJ, Papst O, Orchard LM, Filarsky M, Rosinski AN, Voss TS, Llinás M, Pradel G. Transcriptional Profiling Defines Histone Acetylation as a Regulator of Gene Expression during Human-to-Mosquito Transmission of the Malaria Parasite Plasmodium falciparum. Front Cell Infect Microbiol. 2017 7:320.