PF3D7_1471100 exported protein 2

Subcellular localization of tagged variant surface antigens. Protein expression analysis of Pf3D7_1149900.3HA (stevor) (a), Pf3D7_0421300.GFP (var) (b) or Pf3D7_1254800.GFP (rifin) (c) knock-in cell lines. Protein was detected using antibodies against their respective tags. Localization was confirmed using either Aldolase (Parasite internal), EXP2 (PVM), sEMP1 (Maurer’s Clefts) or Gap45 (Merozoite surface). For Western blot analysis late stage parasites were enriched by centrifugation on a Percoll gradient. Cells were subsequently lysed using saponin resulting in a parasite and an “export” fraction consisting of the RBC ghost, membranous compartments and soluble proteins within the RBC. Targeted multigene is indicated by green arrow while Aldolase is indicated with red arrow. Exported protein is expected to be seen in the host fraction. DNA was stained using Hoechst33342. a The targeted STEVOR is exported to the HCC and located in punctuate dots which co-localize with Maurer’s Clefts. b The tagged PfEMP1 can be found within the parasite and in the HCC. Exported protein co-localizes with Maurer’s Clefts. Protein shows diffuse staining in merozoites. c The targeted RIFIN remains entirely within the parasite. It is strongly present within merozoites where it accumulates at the apical end.

Omelianczyk RI, Loh HP, Chew M, Hoo R, Baumgarten S, Renia L, Chen J, Preiser PR. Rapid activation of distinct members of multigene families in Plasmodium spp. Commun Biol. 2020 3(1):351.

Other associated proteins

PFID Formal Annotation
PF3D7_0421300 erythrocyte membrane protein 1, PfEMP1
PF3D7_1149900 stevor PIR protein
PF3D7_1222700 glideosome-associated protein 45
PF3D7_1254800 rifin