PF3D7_1134000 PfHsp70-3

PfHsp70-1 is localized throughout P. falciparum parasites under heat shock and the regular culture conditions. 3D7 parasites expressing PfHsp70-1-mCherry were cultured at 37°C (no HS) or 40°C (HS) for 3 hr, followed by live cell confocal microscopy. Representative images are shown (n > 25). DIC, differential interference contrast. Scale bar, 2 mm.

Lu KY, Pasaje CFA, Srivastava T, Loiselle DR, Niles JC, Derbyshire E. Phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate and Hsp70 protect Plasmodium falciparum from heat-induced cell death. Elife. 2020 Sep 25;9:e56773.