PF3D7_0930300 merozoite surface protein 1

PfVps45 plays a crucial role in IMC biogenesis. (D) IFA of PfVps45 KS parasites ┬▒rapalog (11 hours). IMC biogenesis is inhibited in parasites when Vps45 is mis-localized. GAPM2, parasite IMC; DAPI, nuclei. Scale bar =5 mm. (E) IFA of PfVps45 KS parasites ┬▒ rapalog (11 hours). Schizont plasma membrane fails to engulf merozoites when Vps45 is mis-localized. MSP1, parasite plasma membrane; DAPI, nuclei. An arrowhead points to fully formed merozoites with engulfed plasma membrane in wild-type conditions. Scale bar=5 mm. (F) Electron micrographs (TEM) of ┬▒ rapalog-treated Vps45 KS parasites (47 to 53 hpi). Early treatment at the ring stage (0 to 6 hpi) with rapalog leads to arrest of the parasites in the trophozoite stage. Later treatment at the early schizont stage (36 to 42 hpi) leads to a partial IMC biogenesis defect. IMC biogenesis initiates but failed to elongate (right inset). White arrowheads show IMC, while the red arrowhead shows endocytic vesicles. Scale bars =1 mm. (G) Schizonts formed in the presence of rapalog possess an enlarged residual body and smaller merozoites (right inset). Scale bar =1 mm. (H) Quantification of the size of merozoites formed in the presence or absence of rapalog. Bars show the SD.

Bisio H, Chaabene RB, Sabitzki R, Maco B, Marq JB, Gilberger TW, Spielmann T, Soldati-Favre D. The ZIP Code of Vesicle Trafficking in Apicomplexa: SEC1/Munc18 and SNARE Proteins. mBio. 2020 Oct 20;11(5):e02092-20.

Other associated proteins

PFID Formal Annotation
PF3D7_0216400 vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 45, putative
PF3D7_0423500 glideosome associated protein with multiple membrane spans 2