PF3D7_0517800 apicortin

(A) Expression of PfApicortin(green channel) and Pfα-tubulin-I(red channel) in mature schizont and merozoites along with colocalization of it with PfApicortin (merged image and graph), (B) Expression of PfApicortin (green channel) and Pfβ-tubulin (red channel) in mature schizont along with localization of it with PfApicortin (merged image and graph), scale bar represents distance of 5 μm. Localization of PfApicortin with respect to Pfα-tubulin-I and Pfβ-tubulin was monitored in trophozoites and mature schizonts (A,B). Localization of the tubulins was also observed in free merozoites. PfApicortin was found to localize on the surface of the parasite in subpellicular region in case of both the trophozoites and schizont (A,B). In the merozoites, apicortin was observed to localize at the apical end of the parasite (A,B). Both the tubulins were also observed to localize on parasite surface i.e. sub pellicular regions in the schizonts. In the merozoites, tubulins were also found to localize at the apical end as well as the surface (A,B). Higher extent of colocalization was found for apicortin- α-tubulin-I.

Chakrabarti M, Joshi N, Kumari G, Singh P, Shoaib R, Munjal A, Kumar V, Behl A, Abid M, Garg S, Gupta S, Singh S. Interaction of Plasmodium falciparum apicortin with α- and β-tubulin is critical for parasite growth and survival. Sci Rep. 2021 11(1):4688.

Other associated proteins

PFID Formal Annotation
PF3D7_0903700 alpha tubulin 1
PF3D7_1008700 tubulin beta chain