Acetylation recognition by the bromodomain and other modules map details

PFID PFID Old Annotation EC Transcript
PF3D7_0818200 loop drugs MAL8P1.69 14-3-3 pie diagram
PF3D7_1362100 MAL13P1.309 14-3-3 pie diagram
PF3D7_1422900 PF14_0220 14-3-3 pie diagram
PF3D7_1475600 PF14_0724 BRD2 Bromodomain 1 pie diagram
PF3D7_1033700 loop drugs PF10_0328 BRD2 Bromodomain 2 pie diagram
PF3D7_1212900 loop PFL0635c BRDT Bromodomain 1 pie diagram
PF3D7_0925700 loop drugs PFI1260c DPF3b PHD1 pie diagram
PF3D7_0629700 drugs PFF1440w DPF3b PHD2 pie diagram
PF3D7_0610400 loop drugs PFF0510w Histone H3 pie diagram
PF3D7_1333700 loop PF13_0185 Histone H3 pie diagram
PF3D7_1105000 loop drugs PF11_0061 Histone H4 pie diagram