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Last update: 01/10/2023

  • 01/10/2023

    Malaria therapies in the context of the Plasmodium parasite lifecycle Recent antimalarial drug discovery has been a race to produce new medicines that overcome emerging drug resistance, whilst considering safety and improving dosing convenience. Discovery efforts have yielded a variety of new molecules, many with novel mode
  • 30/09/2023

    Artemisinin mode of action ATS simultaneously interferes with ? redox homeostasis, ? lipid metabolism, and ? protein synthesis in P. falciparum to exert antimalarial effects by targeting several essential proteins.
  • 26/09/2023

    Antimalarial checkpoints in housekeeping pathways of the apicoplast Antibiotics that target prokaryotic translation have been demonstrated to exhibit antimalarial activity. The RNA polymerase of plastids is highly sensitive to rifampicin, and the in vitro and in vivo antimalarial activity of rifampicin suggests that the d
  • 21/09/2023

    FP2a trafficking pathway to the food vacuole To cross the parasite-encasing parasitophorous vacuole membrane, exported proteins utilise a channel-forming protein complex termed the Plasmodium translocon of exported proteins (PTEX). PTEX is obligatory for parasite survival, both in vitro and in vivo,
  • 21/09/2023

    Different chromatin states indexing the genome in ring stage parasites and female gametocytes in female gametocytes the chromatin landscape is globally remodelled with respect to genome-wide patterns and combinatorial usage of histone variants and histone modifications. We identified sex specific differences in heterochromatin distribution, implic
  • 14/09/2023

    The Maurer's clefts Dynamics Reorganization of cell organelle-deprived host red blood cells by the apicomplexan malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum enables their cytoadherence to endothelial cells that line the microvasculature. This increases the time red blood cells infected wit
  • 07/09/2023

    lncRNA functions In mammals show that approximately 85% of the DNA sequences have RNA products, for which the length greater than 200 nucleotides (nt) is called long non-coding RNAs (lncRNA). LncRNAs now have been shown to play important epigenetic regulatory roles in key
  • 06/09/2023

    glutamine metabolism Glutamine is required for carbamoyl phosphate and cytidine triphosphate (CTP) synthesis in the de novo pyrimidine pathway of malaria parasite catalyzed by cytosolic carbamoyl phosphate synthetase II and CTP synthetase, respectively. Although the parasite
  • 29/08/2023

    Nuclear organization In eukaryotes, nuclear compartmentalization, including three-dimensional folding of the genome and physical separation of proteins in compartments or condensates, regulates mutually exclusive gene expression and chromosomal translocations. In this Review,
  • 13/08/2023

    Apicoplast-targeting drugs after its discovery, the apicoplast was found to host the target pathways of some known antimalarial drugs, which motivated efforts for further research into its biological functions and biogenesis. Initially, many apicoplast inhibitions were found to res