Cholesterol binding proteins
Maier AG, van Ooij C. The role of cholesterol in invasion and growth of malaria parasites. Front Cell Infect Microbiol. 2022 12:984049.  PMID: 36189362
Gene ID Protein Expression Conserved Essential Phenotype of mutant
PF3D7_1463500 fam-a protein unknown  All Plasmodium no ND
Niemann-Pick type c1-related protein liver stage, asexual (trophozoite, schizont), very low gametocytes, ookinetes, sporozoites  All Plasmodium yes (asexual) Lethal
ABC transporter G family member 2 female gametocytes (low expression male)  All Plasmodium no  (asexual) Decreased cholesteryl esters, diacylglycerols and triacylglycerols in gametocytes
PF3D7_1131800 oxysterol-binding protein, putative liver stage, asexual stage (trophozoite, schizont), gametocytes (male, female),  ookinete  All Plasmodium no  (asexual) ND
PF3D7_0629300 phospholipase, putative phosphatidylcholine-sterol acyltransferase, putative liver stage, asexual stage (trophzoite, schizont), oocyst, sprozoite (injected)  All Plasmodium no  (asexual) Delayed egress from PV in liver stage
heat shock protein 40, type II asexual stage Lavernia no  (asexual) Malformation of knobs
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