Functional orthologs of known cell cycle proteins in E. coli
Cai H, Hong C, Lilburn TG, Rodriguez AL, Chen S, Gu J, Kuang R, Wang Y. Anovel subnetwork alignment approach predicts new components of the cell cycle regulatory apparatus in Plasmodium falciparum. BMC Bioinformatics. 2013;14 Suppl 12:S2. PMID: 24267797
Functional category PfID Annotation EC Transcript
34473 DNA metabolism PF3D7_0310500 DEAD box helicase, putative
34728 PF3D7_1239500
DNA gyrase subunit B
39005 PF3D7_1112600 ATPase, putative
34556 PF3D7_0726300 DNA mismatch repair protein PMS1, putative
34571 PF3D7_0803400 DNA repair and recombination protein RAD54, putative
34628 PF3D7_1011700 DNA repair protein RAD23, putative
34529 PF3D7_0527000 DNA replication licensing factor MCM3, putative
34696 PF3D7_1211700 DNA replication licensing factor MCM5, putative
34540 PF3D7_0705400 DNA replication licensing factor MCM7
34791 PF3D7_1365600
DNA topoisomerase 6 subunit b, putative
34622 PF3D7_1006200
DNA/RNA-binding protein Alba 3
34784 PF3D7_1347500
DNA/RNA-binding protein Alba 4
34701 PF3D7_1216900 DNA-binding chaperone, putative
34482 PF3D7_0318200 DNA-directed RNA polymerase II subunit RPB1
34427 PF3D7_0110400 DNA-directed RNA polymerase II subunit RPB9, putative
34838 PF3D7_1463400 DNA-directed RNA polymerase III subunit RPC4, putative
34461 PF3D7_0303300 DNA-directed RNA polymerases I, II, and III subunit RPABC2, putative
34774 PF3D7_1337300 exoribonuclease, putative
34493 PF3D7_0408500 flap endonuclease 1
34750 PF3D7_1305000 MCL1 domain-containing protein, putative
34539 PF3D7_0705300
mediator of RNA polymerase ii transcription subunit 10, putative
34730 PF3D7_1241100 polyadenylation factor subunit 2, putative
34775 PF3D7_1338400 sprt-like domain-containing protein, putative
34690 PF3D7_1201500 XPA binding protein 1, putative
34672 RNA metabolism PF3D7_1123900
13 kda ribonucleoprotein-associated protein, putative
34489 PF3D7_0404400 6-cysteine protein p36
34498 PF3D7_0420300 AP2 domain transcription factor
34561 PF3D7_0730300 AP2 domain transcription factor AP2-L, putative
34684 PF3D7_1143100
AP2 domain transcription factor AP2-O
34521 PF3D7_0516800 AP2 domain transcription factor AP2-O2, putative
34707 PF3D7_1222600
AP2 domain transcription factor AP-G
34624 PF3D7_1007700
AP2 domain transcription transcription factor AP2-I
34748 PF3D7_1302700 ATP-dependent RNA helicase  dhr1, putative
34578 PF3D7_0810600 ATP-dependent RNA helicase dbp1, putative
34587 PF3D7_0827000 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DBP10, putative
34731 PF3D7_1241800 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DBP9, putative
34485 PF3D7_0321600 ATP-dependent RNA helicase ddx42, putative
34827 PF3D7_1445900
ATP-dependent RNA helicase ddx17
34591 PF3D7_0903400 ATP-dependent RNA helicase ddx60, putative
34729 PF3D7_1239700
ATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease FTSH 1 3.4.24.-
34831 PF3D7_1451700
calcineurin subunit B
34724 PF3D7_1235300 CCR4-NOT transcription complex subunit 4, putative
38923 PF3D7_0507600 protein caf40, putative
34726 PF3D7_1236100 clustered-asparagine-rich protein
34613 PF3D7_0933000 cstf domain-containing protein, putative
34802 PF3D7_1409800 CUGBP Elav-like family member 2
34612 PF3D7_0932800
importin alpha re-exporter
34787 PF3D7_1354300 large subunit rRNA methyltransferase, putative 2.1.1.-
34560 PF3D7_0729500 n6-adenosine-methyltransferase mt-a70; METTL3
38818 PF3D7_0905100
nucleoporin NUP221, putative
34843 PF3D7_1473700
nucleoporin NUP116/NSP116, putative
34686 PF3D7_1146600
ooocyst rupture protein 1, putative
34639 PF3D7_1021900 PHAX domain-containing protein
34629 PF3D7_1011800 PRE-binding protein
34474 PF3D7_0311100 pre-mRNA splicing factor, putative
34509 PF3D7_0508700 pre-mRNA-processing ATP-dependent RNA helicase PRP5, putative
34705 PF3D7_1220100 pre-mRNA-processing factor 17, putative
34467 PF3D7_0308600 pre-mRNA-processing factor 19, putative
34755 PF3D7_1316500 pre-mRNA-processing factor 40, putative
34655 PF3D7_1110200 pre-mRNA-processing factor 6, putative
34492 PF3D7_0405400 pre-mRNA-processing-splicing factor 8, putative
34645 PF3D7_1030100
pre-mRNA-splicing factor ATP-dependent RNA helicase PRP22, putative
34518 PF3D7_0515000 pre-mRNA-splicing factor CWC2, putative
34735 PF3D7_1246600 pre-mRNA-splicing factor CWC26, putative
34547 PF3D7_0717400 queuine tRNA-ribosyltransferase, putative
34713 PF3D7_1226500 heptatricopeptide repeat and rap domain-containing protein, putative
34584 PF3D7_0821500 ribosomal RNA small subunit methyltransferase NEP1, putative
34559 PF3D7_0728600 ring zinc finger protein, putative
34801 PF3D7_1405700 RING zinc finger protein, putative
34630 PF3D7_1012000 ring zinc finger protein, putative
34511 PF3D7_0509400
RNA polymerase I
34513 PF3D7_0511500 RNA pseudouridylate synthase, putative
34602 PF3D7_0916700 RNA-binding protein musashi, putative
34609 PF3D7_0927600 RNA-binding protein, putative
34553 PF3D7_0723900 RNA-binding protein, putative, RBM15
34762 PF3D7_1326300 RNA-binding protein, putative
34765 PF3D7_1330800 RNA-binding protein, putative
34753 PF3D7_1310700
PhIL1-interacting protein PhIP
34640 PF3D7_1022000 RNA-binding protein uis12, putative
34483 PF3D7_0319500 RNA-binding protein, putative
34426 PF3D7_0109700 rRNA biogenesis protein RRP36
34790 PF3D7_1358100 sas10 domain-containing protein, putative
34439 PF3D7_0207400
serine repeat antigen 7 3.4.22.-
34711 PF3D7_1225500 small subunit rRNA processing factor, putative
34692 PF3D7_1207100 pre-rRNA-processing protein esf1, putative
34836 PF3D7_1460800 snRNA-activating protein complex subunit 3, putative
34608 PF3D7_0924700 splicing factor 3A subunit 3, putative
34468 PF3D7_0308900 splicing factor 3B subunit 1, putative
34841 PF3D7_1468800 splicing factor U2AF large subunit, putative
34727 PF3D7_1239200 transcription factor with AP2 domain(s)
34633 PF3D7_1014600 transcriptional coactivator ADA2
34618 PF3D7_1002400 transformer-2 protein homolog beta, putative
34754 PF3D7_1315700 tRNA (adenine(58)-N(1))-methyltransferase catalytic subunit TRM61, putative
34666 PF3D7_1119100 tRNA m(1)G methyltransferase, putative
34680 PF3D7_1136300
tudor staphylococcal nuclease
34569 PF3D7_0803100 U3 small nucleolar RNA-associated protein 14, putative
34767 PF3D7_1333600 U3 small nucleolar RNA-associated protein 4, putative
34714 PF3D7_1226700 U3 small nucleolar RNA-interacting protein 2, putative
34621 PF3D7_1003800 U5 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein component, putative
34524 PF3D7_0520300 U6 snRNA-associated Sm-like protein LSm2, putative
34466 PF3D7_0308100 zinc finger protein, putative
34626 PF3D7_1008100 phd finger protein phd1
34600 PF3D7_0912100 zinc finger protein, putative
34603 PF3D7_0916900 zinc finger protein, putative
34527 PF3D7_0525000 zinc finger protein, putative
34572 PF3D7_0804300 zinc finger protein, putative
34481 Translation and ribosome genesis PF3D7_0317600 40S ribosomal protein S11, putative
34643 PF3D7_1026800
40S ribosomal protein S2
34619 PF3D7_1003500 40S ribosomal protein S20e, putative
34549 PF3D7_0721600 40S ribosomal protein S5, putative
34779 PF3D7_1342000 40S ribosomal protein S6
34825 PF3D7_1441200 60S ribosomal protein L1, putative
34581 PF3D7_0814000 60S ribosomal protein L13-2, putative
34476 PF3D7_0312800 60S ribosomal protein L26, putative
34506 PF3D7_0503800 60S ribosomal protein L31
34592 PF3D7_0903900 60S ribosomal protein L32
34812 PF3D7_1424100 60S ribosomal protein L5, putative
34759 PF3D7_1323100 60S ribosomal protein L6, putative
34543 PF3D7_0711000
AAA family ATPase, CDC48 subfamily
34795 PF3D7_1367700
alanine--tRNA ligase
34830 PF3D7_1451100
elongation factor 2
34721 PF3D7_1233000
elongation factor G
34716 PF3D7_1227800 elongator complex protein 3, putative
34558 PF3D7_0728000
eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 subunit alpha, putative
34699 PF3D7_1212700 eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit A, putative
34531 PF3D7_0528200 eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit E, putative
34546 PF3D7_0716800 eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit I, putative
34691 PF3D7_1206700 eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5, putative
34822 PF3D7_1438000 eukaryotic translation initiation factor eIF2A, putative
34789 PF3D7_1357200
glutamate--tRNA ligase
34808 PF3D7_1417500 H/ACA ribonucleoprotein complex subunit 4, putative 5.4.99.-
34442 PF3D7_0208200 KRR1 small subunit processome component, putative
34816 PF3D7_1431300 large subunit GTPase 1, putative
34777 PF3D7_1340300 nucleolar complex protein 2, putative
34532 PF3D7_0528800 nuclear GTP-binding protein, putative
34664 PF3D7_1118500 nucleolar protein 56, putative
34538 PF3D7_0704900 peptide chain release factor 2
34654 PF3D7_1107700 pescadillo homolog
34586 PF3D7_0825500 protein KRI1, putative
34435 PF3D7_0203700 protein MAK16, putative
34550 PF3D7_0722100 protein pelota homolog, putative
34715 PF3D7_1227500 protein soc2, putative
34798 PF3D7_1368400 ribosomal protein L1, putative
34541 PF3D7_0707900 ribosomal protein S8e, putative
34443 PF3D7_0208600
ribosome-recycling factor
34548 PF3D7_0717700
serine--tRNA ligase, putative
34671 PF3D7_1123400 eukaryotic peptide chain release factor GTP-binding subunit, putative, erf3
34738 PF3D7_1250600
translation initiation factor eIF-2B subunit beta, putative
34520 PF3D7_0516600
translation initiation factor IF-2 sporozoite surface antigen MB2
34732 PF3D7_1243600 translation initiation factor SUI1, putative
34431 PF3D7_0202400
translation-enhancing factor
34576 PF3D7_0807900
tyrosine--tRNA ligase