Characteristic features of Hsp70s
Barth J, Schach T, Przyborski JM. HSP70 and their co-chaperones in the human malaria parasite P. falciparum and their potential as drug targets. Front Mol Biosci. 2022 9:968248.  PMID: 35992276;
PfID Annotation Size (kDa) Localization Cellular functions
PfHsp70-1 74 Nucleus and cytosol folding/translocation/aggregation suppression
PfHsp70-z 100 Cytosol Predicted NEF of PfHsp70-1;
PfHsp70-2 73 E.R Protein import and folding in the ER, retrograde translocation of proteins for degradation
PF3D7_1344200 PfHsp70-y 108  E.R  Thought to be NEF for PfHsp70-2
PfHsp70-3 73 Mitochondrion  Protein translocation into the mitochondrion
PfHsp70-x 76 P.V and exported to parasite infected RBC infected RBC  Protein export and subsequent protein folding of exported proteins in the infected RBC
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