Protein factors in pre-mRNA 3’-end processing
Mammalian factor (yeast factor) Mammalian protein (yeast homolog) PfID Annotation Transcript Mammalian protein partners (yeast protein partners) Protein function and characteristics
1125 CPSF (CPF) CPSF-160 PF3D7_0317700
CPSF (cleavage and polyadenylation specific factor), subunit A, putative
CstF-77, Pol II CTD, PAP, hFip1, TFIID Binds RNA (mammalian AAUAAA site, yeast cleavage site), three possible b-propellers
(Cft1p/Yhh1p) (Fip1p, Pol II CTD, Cft2p/Ydh1p and Swd2p)
1127 CPSF (CPF) CPSF-100 PF3D7_0318600 cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor, putative
CPSF-73 Binds RNA at the U-rich sequence in yeast, may act as a scaffolding protein, contains a non-metal binding metallo-blactamase domain
(Cft2p/Ydh1p) (Pol II CTD, Brr5p/Ysh1p, Cft1p/Yhh1p, Pta1p, Pfs2p, Ssu72p, Pcf11p, YDL094C)
1141 CPSF (CPF) CPSF-73 PF3D7_1438500
cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor subunit 3, putative
CPSF-100 Endonuclease for the cleavage reaction, contains a metal binding metallo-b-lactamase domain
(Brr5p/Ysh1p) (Pta1p, Cft2p/Ydh1p, Yth1p, Clp1p, Syc1p, Swd2p)
23980 CPSF (CPF) CPSF-30 PF3D7_1008600 zinc finger (ccch type) protein, putative
hFip1 Binds U-richRNAsequences, contains five zinc fingers and a zinc knuckle (mammalian)
(Yth1p) (Fip1p, Brr5p/Ysh1p)
1139 CPSF (CPF) hFip1 PF3D7_1321700 splicing factor 1
PAP, CPSF-160, CPSF-30, CstF-77 Directs PAP to correct polyadenylation site and binds U-rich sequences, contains a conserved region that binds CPSF-30
(Fip1p) (Pap1p, Yth1p, Rna14p)
1129 CstF (CF IA) CstF-77 PF3D7_0526500 conserved Plasmodium protein, unknown function
CPSF-160, CstF64, CstF50, Scaffolding protein, links CstF and CPSF, contains a HAT domain and a Pro-rich segment
(Rna14p) Pol II CTD (Rna15p, Pcf11p)
29794 CstF (CF IA) CstF-64 PF3D7_1224300
polyadenylate-binding protein 1, putative
CstF-77, Symplekin Binds to RNA through an N-terminal RRM (G/U rich sequence in mammals, A-rich sequence in yeast)
1136 PF3D7_1107300 polyadenylate-binding protein-interacting protein 1, putative
25745 (Rna15p) PF3D7_0933000 cstf domain-containing protein, putative
(Pcf11p, Rna14p)
1130 CstF CstF-50 PF3D7_0620500 cleavage stimulation factor subunit 1, putative
CstF-77, Pol II CTD, BARD1  Binds Pol II CTD, contains seven WD-40 repeats
1124 CF Im CF Im-25kD PF3D7_0109200 cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor subunit 5
PAP, CF Im-68kD CF Im aids AAUAAA site recognition, contains a conserved PAP interaction domain
1128 (None) PF3D7_0403700 pre-mRNA-splicing factor CLF1, putative
1140 CF Im CF Im-68kD PF3D7_1420000 splicing factor 3B subunit 4, putative
CF Im-25kD CF Im aids AAUAAA site recognition, contains an N-terminal RBD
1124 CF Iim (CF IA) hPcf11 PF3D7_0109200 cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor subunit 5
(Pol II CTD, Rna14p, Rna15p, Clp1p, Swd2p, Cft1p/Yhh1p, Cft2p/Ydh1p, Brr5p/Ysh1p, Pta1p) Interacts with Pol II CTD, acts as a scaffolding protein, contains two zinc finger domains
(Pcf11p) no
CF Iim (CF IA) hClp1 CF Im and CPSF TethersCPSFwithCFIm, contains Walker A and B motifs for ATP binding
23877 (Clp1p) PF3D7_0821600 polyribonucleotide 5'-hydroxyl-kinase clp1, putative (Brr5p/Ysh1p, Cft2p/Ydh1p, Pcf11p)
– (CPF) Symplekin No CstF-64, CPSF Bridges interactions between CPSF and CstF, regulated by phosphorylation
(Pta1p) No (Brr5p/Ysh1p, Syc1p, Cft2p/Ydh1p, Swd2p, Glc7p, Pti1p, Ssu72p)
1138 PAP PF3D7_1232900 nucleotidyltransferase, putative
hFip1, CF Im, CPSF-160 (Fip1p) Adds poly(A) tail to cleaved pre-mRNA
1131 (Pap1p) PF3D7_0625600 poly(A) polymerase PAP, putative
1126 Pol II CTD PF3D7_0318200 DNA-directed RNA polymerase II subunit RPB1
hPcf11, CPSF-160, CstF-50, CstF-77 Transcriptional termination, contains YSPTSPS repeats
(Pol II CTD) (Cft2p/Ydh1p, Cft1p/Yhh1p, Pcf11p)
29881 PABII PF3D7_0923900 polyadenylate-binding protein 2, putative
(Rna15p) Stimulates polyadenylation and stabilizes poly(A) tail, contains two RRM domains
Notice that Pf are generally orthologous to mammalian genes rather than to yeast
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