RBC metabolic map highlighting systemic metabolic shifts during cellular senescence. Reaction arrow thickness and color coding correspond to relative Mass Action Ratios  (rMAR) magnitude changes (day 8 versus day 35; all ratios greater than two are shaded red and black is 0). Three subsystems of metabolism are highlighted, sugar metabolism for energy (orange), amino acid/glutathione metabolism for redox homeostasis (green), and fatty acid metabolism for membrane/structural maintenance (pink). High rMAR reactions (thick, red arrows, rMAR R2) reflect bottlenecks with accumulation of enzyme substrates, identifying potential ‘‘age-limited’’ enzymes (the corresponding metabolites are highlighted in blue text). Metabolic subsystems are labeled in black font text.

Jamshidi N, Xu X, von Löhneysen K, Soldau K, Mohney RP, Karoly ED, Scott M, Friedman JS. Metabolome Changes during In Vivo Red Cell Aging Reveal Disruption of Key Metabolic Pathways. iScience. 2020 23(10):101630. PMID: 33103072

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