miRNAs and lncRNAs in malaria
Lodde V, Floris M, Muroni MR, Cucca F, Idda ML. Non-coding RNAs in malaria infection. Wiley Interdiscip Rev RNA. 2021 14:e1697. PMID: 34651456.
ncRNA name Regulation Biological sample
let-7a n.d. RBCs n.d. RBCs
miR-15a n.d. RBCs
miR-16-5p Upregulated WB
miR-15a-5p Upregulated WB
miR-181c-5p Upregulated WB
miR-598-3p Upregulated WB
miR-146a n.d. WB
miR-451 Up and down regulated Hbs, RBCs, plasma
let-7i Upregulated RBCs, mice brain
miR-221 Downregulated Bone marrow
miR-222 Downregulated Bone marrow
miR-24 Downregulated Bone marrow
miR-191 Downregulated Bone marrow
miR-144 Upregulated Bone marrow
miR-140 Upregulated RBCs
miR-16 Downregulated Plasma
miR-223 No change/UP Plasma, RBCs
miR-226-3p No changes Plasma
miR-7977 Upregulated WB
miR-28-3p Upregulated WB
miR-378-5p Upregulated WB
miR-194-5p Upregulated WB
miR-3667-5p Upregulated WB
miR-150-5p Upregulated EV
miR-15b-5p Upregulated EV
Let-7a-5p Upregulated EV
miR-3135b Upregulated WB
miR-6780b-5p Upregulated WB
miR-1246 Upregulated WB
miR-6126 Upregulated WB
miR-3613-5p Upregulated WB
miR-4497 Upregulated Plasma
let-7i Upregulated Mouse brain
miR-150 Upregulated Mouse brain
miR-27a Upregulated Mouse brain
miR-155 Upregulated Mouse brain
miR-19a-3p Upregulated Mouse brain
miR-19b-3p Upregulated Mouse brain
miR-142-3p Upregulated Mouse brain
miR-223-3p Upregulated Mouse brain
TARE-3 n.d. P.f.
TARE-6 n.d. P.f.
Abbreviations: EV, extracellular vesicle; Hbs, hemoglobin; n.d., no define; P.f., Plasmodium falciparum; RBCs, red blood cells; WB, whole blood
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