Myristoylated proteins
Wright MH, Clough B, Rackham MD, Rangachari K, Brannigan JA, Grainger M, Moss DK, Bottrill AR, Heal WP, Broncel M, Serwa RA, Brady D, Mann DJ, Leatherbarrow RJ, Tewari R, Wilkinson AJ, Holder AA, Tate EW. Validation of N-myristoyltransferase as an antimalarial drug target using an integrated chemical biology approach. Nat Chem. 2014 6(2):112-21. PMID: 24451586
Function PfID Annotation Transcript EC N-terminal residue other than glycine
12144 Transcription and RNA metabolism PF3D7_0423200 BSD-domain protein, putative
12171 PF3D7_1328800
transcriptional regulatory protein sir2a
12163 Translation PF3D7_1204300
eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A
12179 PF3D7_1457000
signal peptide peptidase
12174 PF3D7_1365900
ubiquitin-60S ribosomal protein L40
12160 Amino acid metabolism PF3D7_1129000
spermidine synthase
23455 Cofactors metabolism PF3D7_1437400
pantothenate kinase 2
12175 Hemoglobin digestion PF3D7_1408100
plasmepsin III histo-aspartic protease
12180 Invasion and motility PF3D7_1460600
inner membrane complex sub-compartment protein 3
12155 PF3D7_1011000
inner membrane complex sub-compartment protein 1
12164 PF3D7_1222700
glideosome-associated protein 45
12153 PF3D7_0929600 G2 protein, putative
12172 PF3D7_1335100
merozoite surface protein 7
12143 Mitosis and chromosome separation PF3D7_0414900
armadillo-domain containing rhoptry protein
12158 Organellar functions PF3D7_1025600
COX17 cytochrome c oxidase copper chaperone, putative
12145 PF3D7_0524700
mitochondrial import receptor subunit TOM22, putative
12154 Post-translational  modifications PF3D7_1008400
26S protease regulatory subunit 4, putative
12138 PF3D7_0205900 26S proteasome regulatory subunit RPN1, putative
23963 PF3D7_1311500
26S protease regulatory subunit 7, putative; 26S proteasome AAA-ATPase subunit RPT1, putative
23883 PF3D7_1306400
26S protease regulatory subunit 10B, putative; 26S proteasome AAA-ATPase subunit RPT4, putative
23967 PF3D7_1248900
26S protease regulatory subunit 8, putative
12162 PF3D7_1138500
protein phosphatase 2C protein phosphatase PPM2
12149 PF3D7_0810300 protein phosphatase PPM5, putative
12178 PF3D7_1451700
calcineurin subunit B
12140 PF3D7_0217500
Calcium-dependent protein kinases; CDPK1
12147 PF3D7_0717500
calcium-dependent protein kinase 4, CDPK4
12177 PF3D7_1450000 serine/threonine protein kinase, putative
12165 PF3D7_1223100
cAMP-dependent protein kinase regulatory subunit
12146 PF3D7_0601600 tetratricopeptide repeat protein, putative
12139 PF3D7_0215100 RING zinc finger protein, putative
12148 PF3D7_0805000 alpha/beta hydrolase, putative
12141 PF3D7_0403800 alpha/beta hydrolase, putative
12157 Protein trafic PF3D7_1020900
ADP-ribosylation factor 1
12159 PF3D7_1034700 ADP-ribosylation factor, putative
12152 PF3D7_0920500
ADP-ribosylation factor, putative
12173 PF3D7_1359800 ADP-ribosylation factor, putative
12156 PF3D7_1017300
golgi re-assembly stacking protein 2
12151 PF3D7_0906100 vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 46, putative
12150 PF3D7_0816200
vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 2, putative
12169 PF3D7_1310600
ras-related protein Rab-5B secretory complex protein 61 alpha
20774 Unknown function PF3D7_1137300 Clptm1 domain-containing protein, putative
12166 PF3D7_1237700
conserved protein, unknown function
23510 PF3D7_0414600
acylated pleckstrin-homology domain-containing protein, putative
14603 PF3D7_0913800 conserved Plasmodium protein, unknown function
*Green: experimentally validated/very high confidence; White: high confidence substrates based on available data; Yellow: possible false positive, requires further proof. Data kindly provided by Edward Tate and Megan Wright
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