Proteins targeted by the thioredoxin superfamily enzymes
Reproduced from: Sturm N, Jortzik E, Mailu BM, Koncarevic S, Deponte M, Forchhammer K, Rahlfs S, Becker K. Identification of proteins targeted by the thioredoxin superfamily in Plasmodium falciparum. PLoS Pathog. 2009 Apr;5(4):e1000383
and from Kawazu SI, Takemae H, Komaki-Yasuda K, Kano S. Target proteins of the cytosolic thioredoxin in Plasmodium falciparum. Parasitol Int. 2010 Mar 20. [Epubahead of print] PubMed PMID: 20307687. In pink color are shown gene products not present in the first article
Potential thioredoxin target proteins
Pfid Protein name Transcript EC#
8293 PF3D7_0303600
8331 PF3D7_1438900
thioredoxin peroxidase 1
8305 PF3D7_0802200
1-cys peroxiredoxin
8323 PF3D7_1352500 thioredoxin-related protein, putative
8306 PF3D7_1348100 GTPase, putative
8326 PF3D7_0818200
14-3-3 protein
8313 PF3D7_1403900 serine/threonine protein phosphatase cpped1
8299 PF3D7_0922200
S-adenosylmethionine synthetase
8298 PF3D7_0608800
ornithine aminotransferase
8328 PF3D7_0520900
S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine hydrolase adenosylhomocysteinase
8301 PF3D7_1408100
plasmepsin III histo-aspartic protease
8302 PF3D7_0624000
8315 PF3D7_0626800
pyruvate kinase
8330 PF3D7_1120100
phosphoglycerate mutase, putative
8312 PF3D7_1408100
plasmepsin III histo-aspartic protease
8318 PF3D7_1437200
ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase large subunit, putative
8310 PF3D7_0920800
inosine-5'-monophosphate dehydrogenase
8320 PF3D7_1214100
GPI ethanolamine phosphate transferase 3, putative
8311 PF3D7_0902400
serine/threonine protein kinase, FIKK family
8307 PF3D7_1307800
centrosomal protein cep170, putative
8303 PF3D7_0917900
8324 PF3D7_0818900
8334 PF3D7_0831700
8292 PF3D7_0708400
heat shock protein 90
8316 PF3D7_1468700
eukaryotic initiation factor 4A helicase 45
8319 PF3D7_1123700 ribosomal protein l37, mitochondrial, putative
8295 PF3D7_0417200
bifunctional dihydrofolate reductase-thymidylate synthase
8296 PF3D7_1246200
actin I
PF3D7_0321800 WD repeat-containing protein, putative
8294 PF3D7_0418000 conserved Plasmodium protein, unknown function
8297 PF3D7_0923800
thioredoxin reductase
8293 PF3D7_1419800
glutathione reductase
8306 PF3D7_0406400
cytosolic glyoxalase II
8322 PF3D7_1116700
dipeptidyl aminopeptidase 1 cathepsin C, homolog
8308 Potential glutaredoxin target proteins
8313 PF3D7_0307100 40S ribosomal protein S12, putative
8299 PF3D7_0422400 40S ribosomal protein S19
8298 PF3D7_0516200 40S ribosomal protein S11
8301 PF3D7_1357100 elongation factor 1-alpha
8333 PF3D7_0209800
ATP-dependent RNA helicase UAP56
8302 PF3D7_0303600
8321 PF3D7_0318800
triosephosphate isomerase, putative
8311 PF3D7_0306300
glutaredoxin 1
8307 PF3D7_0818200
14-3-3 protein
8303 PF3D7_1343000
phosphoethanolamine N-methyltransferase
8332 PF3D7_0826700
receptor for activated c kinase
S-adenosylmethionine synthetase
8294 PF3D7_0608800
ornithine aminotransferase
8291 PF3D7_0520900
S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine hydrolase adenosylhomocysteinase
8306 PF3D7_0624000
8325 PF3D7_1462800
glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
8317 PF3D7_0626800
pyruvate kinase
8333 PF3D7_1324900
L-lactate dehydrogenase
23424 PF3D7_0406400
cytosolic glyoxalase II
8313 PF3D7_0917900
20889 PF3D7_0818900
8299 PF3D7_0831700
8300 PF3D7_0708400
heat shock protein 90
8328 PF3D7_1451100
elongation factor 2
8329 PF3D7_1419800
glutathione reductase
8314 Potential plasmoredoxin target proteins
8301 PF3D7_0307100 40S ribosomal protein S12, putative
8309 PF3D7_0208500
acyl carrier protein
8302 PF3D7_0818200
14-3-3 protein
8311 PF3D7_1362100 14-3-3 protein
8307 PF3D7_0516200 40S ribosomal protein S11
8303 PF3D7_1124700
GrpE protein homolog, mitochondrial, putative
8332 PF3D7_1462800
glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
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