Synergy between antimalarial compounds
Mason DJ, Eastman RT, Lewis RPI, Stott IP, Guha R, Bender A. Using Machine Learning to Predict Synergistic Antimalarial Compound Combinations With Novel Structures. Front Pharmacol. 2018 Oct 2;9:1096. PubMed PMID: 30333748
Drug A Drug B Synergy Value Synergy
Tacrolimus Hydroxyzine Pamoate 0.88491 Synergistic
Paroxetine Guanethidine Sulfate 0.8885 Synergistic
Guanethidine Sulfate Thioridazine 0.89458 Synergistic
Virginiamycin S1 Tacrolimus 0.90496 Synergistic
Fulvestrant Tacrolimus 0.90815 Synergistic
Sorafenib tosylate Hydroxyzine Pamoate 0.91655 Synergistic
CK2 Inhibitor II Paroxetine 0.91702 Synergistic
Ingenol 3-Angelate Tacrolimus 0.91714 Synergistic
Fulvestrant Megesterol acetate 0.91775 Synergistic
Megesterol acetate Hydroxyzine Pamoate 0.91987 Synergistic
Hydroxyzine Pamoate Guanethidine Sulfate 0.92024 Synergistic
Dihydroergotamine Thioridazine 0.92439 Synergistic
Apicidin Dihydroergotamine 0.92439 Synergistic
Guanethidine Sulfate Trifluoperazine 2HCl 0.92566 Synergistic
Virginiamycin S1 Sorafenib tosylate 0.92603 Synergistic
Thioridazine Trifluoperazine 2HCl 0.92634 Synergistic
Tacrolimus Dihydroergotamine 0.92932 Synergistic
Hydroxyzine Pamoate Dihydroergotamine 0.93164 Synergistic
Tacrolimus Thioridazine 0.93235 Synergistic
Sorafenib tosylate Fulvestrant 0.9332 Synergistic
Sorafenib tosylate Thioridazine 0.93472 Synergistic
PI 828 Guanethidine Sulfate 0.93511 Synergistic
Tacrolimus Trifluoperazine 2HCl 0.93579 Synergistic
Dihydroergotamine Guanethidine Sulfate 0.93655 Synergistic
Ingenol 3-Angelate Apicidin 0.93669 Synergistic
Sorafenib tosylate Trifluoperazine 2HCl 0.93743 Synergistic
Virginiamycin S1 Paroxetine 0.93784 Synergistic
PDK1 Inhibitor Hydroxyzine Pamoate 0.93804 Synergistic
Ingenol 3-Angelate Sorafenib tosylate 0.93804 Synergistic
Virginiamycin S1 Dihydroergotamine 0.94116 Synergistic
Apicidin Tacrolimus 0.94229 Synergistic
Tacrolimus Paroxetine 0.94421 Synergistic
Chromomycin A3 Fulvestrant 0.94734 Synergistic
Virginiamycin S1 Raloxifene HCl 0.9479 Synergistic
Dihydroergotamine Raloxifene HCl 0.94993 Synergistic
Wortmannin Guanethidine Sulfate 0.95002 Synergistic
Sorafenib tosylate Dihydroergotamine 0.95076 Synergistic
CK2 Inhibitor II Megesterol acetate 0.95166 Synergistic
Fulvestrant Raloxifene HCl 0.95234 Synergistic
Apicidin Hydroxyzine Pamoate 0.95242 Synergistic
Sorafenib tosylate Tacrolimus 0.95245 Synergistic
Virginiamycin S1 Megesterol acetate 0.95361 Synergistic
Fulvestrant Thioridazine 0.95437 Synergistic
Thioridazine Raloxifene HCl 0.95586 Synergistic
Raloxifene HCl Trifluoperazine 2HCl 0.95588 Synergistic
Apicidin Virginiamycin S1 0.95673 Synergistic
Guanethidine Sulfate Raloxifene HCl 0.95798 Synergistic
Dihydroergotamine Trifluoperazine 2HCl 0.9584 Synergistic
PDK1 Inhibitor Apicidin 0.95903 Synergistic
PDK1 Inhibitor Raloxifene HCl 0.96025 Additive
Ingenol 3-Angelate Thioridazine 0.96066 Additive
PI 828 Hydroxyzine Pamoate 0.96075 Additive
Megesterol acetate Trifluoperazine 2HCl 0.96104 Additive
Fulvestrant Trifluoperazine 2HCl 0.96165 Additive
PDK1 Inhibitor Thioridazine 0.96179 Additive
Ciprofloxacin Trifluoperazine 2HCl 0.96182 Additive
Fulvestrant Hydroxyzine Pamoate 0.96243 Additive
Ingenol 3-Angelate Dihydroergotamine 0.9627 Additive
Megesterol acetate Dihydroergotamine 0.96328 Additive
PDK1 Inhibitor Tacrolimus 0.96399 Additive
Chromomycin A3 CK2 Inhibitor II 0.96443 Additive
Tacrolimus Raloxifene HCl 0.96447 Additive
Ingenol 3-Angelate Megesterol acetate 0.9655 Additive
Wortmannin Hydroxyzine Pamoate 0.96564 Additive
Paroxetine Hydroxyzine Pamoate 0.96567 Additive
Tacrolimus Guanethidine Sulfate 0.9658 Additive
Megesterol acetate Guanethidine Sulfate 0.96597 Additive
PDK1 Inhibitor Fulvestrant 0.96597 Additive
Apicidin Trifluoperazine 2HCl 0.96638 Additive
PI 828 Fulvestrant 0.96743 Additive
Apicidin Thioridazine 0.96757 Additive
CK2 Inhibitor II Thioridazine 0.96758 Additive
Ingenol 3-Angelate JX-401 0.96768 Additive
Megesterol acetate Raloxifene HCl 0.96856 Additive
PI 828 Trifluoperazine 2HCl 0.96885 Additive
Ingenol 3-Angelate Paroxetine 0.97085 Additive
Ingenol 3-Angelate Trifluoperazine 2HCl 0.97151 Additive
Fulvestrant Paroxetine 0.97212 Additive
Virginiamycin S1 Hydroxyzine Pamoate 0.97385 Additive
Ingenol 3-Angelate Raloxifene HCl 0.97529 Additive
Sorafenib tosylate Paroxetine 0.97529 Additive
Apicidin Raloxifene HCl 0.97561 Additive
JX-401 Guanethidine Sulfate 0.97651 Additive
Apicidin Fulvestrant 0.97666 Additive
Ciprofloxacin Thioridazine 0.97672 Additive
Paroxetine Raloxifene HCl 0.97686 Additive
Wortmannin Trifluoperazine 2HCl 0.9781 Additive
PDK1 Inhibitor Guanethidine Sulfate 0.9783 Additive
Chromomycin A3 Hydroxyzine Pamoate 0.97876 Additive
PDK1 Inhibitor Trifluoperazine 2HCl 0.97983 Additive
Fulvestrant Dihydroergotamine 0.98015 Additive
Chromomycin A3 Dihydroergotamine 0.98019 Additive
Sorafenib tosylate Raloxifene HCl 0.98038 Additive
PDK1 Inhibitor Virginiamycin S1 0.98077 Additive
PDK1 Inhibitor Paroxetine 0.98123 Additive
JX-401 Trifluoperazine 2HCl 0.98136 Additive
Ingenol 3-Angelate Wortmannin 0.98335 Additive
Apicidin JX-401 0.9835 Additive
Chromomycin A3 Virginiamycin S1 0.98368 Additive
Virginiamycin S1 Trifluoperazine 2HCl 0.98375 Additive
Hydroxyzine Pamoate Raloxifene HCl 0.98438 Additive
Tacrolimus Megesterol acetate 0.98521 Additive
Paroxetine Trifluoperazine 2HCl 0.98678 Additive
Chromomycin A3 Tacrolimus 0.98696 Additive
JX-401 Hydroxyzine Pamoate 0.98738 Additive
Virginiamycin S1 Guanethidine Sulfate 0.9875 Additive
CK2 Inhibitor II Dihydroergotamine 0.98759 Additive
Paroxetine Dihydroergotamine 0.98816 Additive
Hydroxyzine Pamoate Ciprofloxacin 0.98861 Additive
Megesterol acetate Thioridazine 0.98926 Additive
JX-401 Dihydroergotamine 0.98991 Additive
Chromomycin A3 Thioridazine 0.99086 Additive
PI 828 Ingenol 3-Angelate 0.99093 Additive
PI 828 Dihydroergotamine 0.99255 Additive
JX-401 Raloxifene 0.9927 Additive
Sorafenib tosylate Ciprofloxacin 0.99293 Additive
JX-401 Thioridazine 0.99314 Additive
PI 828 Thioridazine 0.99365 Additive
PI 828 Virginiamycin S1 0.9941 Additive
Hydroxyzine Pamoate Thioridazine 0.99462 Additive
Apicidin Wortmannin 0.99463 Additive
Fulvestrant Ciprofloxacin 0.99639 Additive
PDK1 Inhibitor Dihydroergotamine 0.99678 Additive
PI 828 Apicidin 0.99678 Additive
PI 828 Raloxifene HCl 0.99688 Additive
Apicidin Guanethidine Sulfate 0.99719 Additive
Virginiamycin S1 Wortmannin 0.99722 Additive
Apicidin Paroxetine 0.99736 Additive
Sorafenib tosylate Megesterol acetate 0.99739 Additive
PDK1 Inhibitor Sorafenib tosylate 0.99742 Additive
Ciprofloxacin Guanethidine Sulfate 0.99747 Additive
Ingenol 3-Angelate Chromomycin A3 0.99764 Additive
Fulvestrant Wortmannin 0.99843 Additive
Chromomycin A3 JX-401 0.99852 Additive
Wortmannin Megesterol acetate 0.99891 Additive
Paroxetine Thioridazine 0.99941 Additive
JX-401 Tacrolimus 0.99976 Additive
Ciprofloxacin Raloxifene HCl 1.00049 Additive
Fulvestrant Guanethidine Sulfate 1.00137 Additive
Wortmannin Raloxifene HCl 1.00176 Additive
Hydroxyzine Pamoate Trifluoperazine 2HCl 1.00225 Additive
Megesterol acetate Ciprofloxacin 1.00238 Additive
Paroxetine Megesterol acetate 1.00306 Additive
Chromomycin A3 Sorafenib tosylate 1.0036 Additive
Chromomycin A3 Trifluoperazine 2HCl 1.00415 Additive
Apicidin Megesterol acetate 1.00437 Additive
CK2 Inhibitor II Hydroxyzine Pamoate 1.00469 Additive
PI 828 Paroxetine 1.00562 Additive
JX-401 Sorafenib tosylate 1.00563 Additive
Fulvestrant CK2 Inhibitor II 1.00779 Additive
Chromomycin A3 Megesterol acetate 1.00967 Additive
Apicidin Sorafenib tosylate 1.01 Additive
Chromomycin A3 Wortmannin 1.01073 Additive
Chromomycin A3 Paroxetine 1.01104 Additive
Virginiamycin S1 Ciprofloxacin 1.01138 Additive
Ingenol 3-Angelate Virginiamycin S1 1.0116 Additive
Sorafenib tosylate CK2 Inhibitor II 1.01161 Additive
CK2 Inhibitor II Raloxifene HCl 1.01212 Additive
JX-401 Paroxetine 1.01261 Additive
Ingenol 3-Angelate Guanethidine Sulfate 1.0136 Additive
Apicidin Chromomycin A3 1.01366 Additive
PI 828 Tacrolimus 1.01372 Additive
Ingenol 3-Angelate Fulvestrant 1.01429 Additive
Sorafenib tosylate Wortmannin 1.01455 Additive
PDK1 Inhibitor Ingenol 3-Angelate 1.01487 Additive
PDK1 Inhibitor Megesterol acetate 1.01633 Additive
Virginiamycin S1 Fulvestrant 1.01641 Additive
JX-401 Megesterol acetate 1.01672 Additive
Chromomycin A3 Guanethidine Sulfate 1.01731 Additive
PI 828 Sorafenib tosylate 1.01773 Additive
Chromomycin A3 Raloxifene HCl 1.01903 Additive
Ingenol 3-Angelate Hydroxyzine Pamoate 1.02146 Additive
Sorafenib Guanethidine Sulfate 1.02239 Additive
Tacrolimus CK2 Inhibitor II 1.02297 Additive
CK2 Inhibitor II Trifluoperazine 2HCl 1.02453 Additive
Ingenol 3-Angelate Ciprofloxacin 1.02465 Additive
Wortmannin Thioridazine 1.03026 Additive
PDK1 Inhibitor Chromomycin A3 1.03147 Additive
JX-401 Fulvestrant 1.03301 Additive
Tacrolimus Ciprofloxacin 1.03677 Additive
Virginiamycin S1 CK2 Inhibitor II 1.03816 Additive
PI 828 Chromomycin A3 1.03831 Additive
Apicidin CK2 Inhibitor II 1.03892 Additive
Wortmannin Dihydroergotamine 1.08384 Antagonistic
Wortmannin Tacrolimus 1.09785 Antagonistic
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