Proteins and complexes that are involved in protein transport into the endoplasmic reticulum
Zimmermann R, Eyrisch S, Ahmad M, Helms V. Protein translocation across the ER membrane. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2011 Mar;1808(3):912-24. PMID: 20599535.
Function PfID Annotation EC Transcript
28107 Targeting machinery PF3D7_1136400 signal recognition particle subunit SRP72, putative
28097 PF3D7_0621900 signal recognition particle subunit SRP68, putative
28117 PF3D7_1450100
signal recognition particle subunit SRP54
28109 PF3D7_1216300
signal recognition particle subunit SRP19
28108 PF3D7_1203200
signal recognition particle subunit SRP14
28099 PF3D7_0729000
signal recognition particle subunit SRP9
SRP-receptor (SR)
28113 PF3D7_1366600
signal recognition particle receptor alpha subunit
28110 PF3D7_1246800 signal recognition particle receptor subunit beta, putative
28095 Cytosolic or cis-acting chaperones PF3D7_0527500
Hsc70-interacting protein
28103 PF3D7_1005600 DnaJ protein, putative
28093 PF3D7_0409400
chaperone protein dnaj; heat shock protein 40
Translocons Sec61-complex
28118 PF3D7_1346100
protein transport protein SEC61 subunit alpha
28100 PF3D7_0821800 protein transport protein SEC61 subunit beta
28088 PF3D7_0210000 secretory complex protein 61 gamma subunit
28096 Auxiliary components PF3D7_0616500 TRAP-like protein
28104 PF3D7_1028700
merozoite TRAP-like protein
28112 PF3D7_1335900
sporozoite surface protein 2 thrombospondin-related anonymous protein
28116 PF3D7_1442600 sporozoite-specific transmembrane protein S6 TRAP-like protein
28091 PF3D7_0315200 circumsporozoite- and TRAP-related protein
28115 PF3D7_1438100 secretory complex protein 62
28111 PF3D7_1318800 translocation protein SEC63
trans-acting chaperone
28102 PF3D7_0917900
28094 PF3D7_0508500 nd6 protein, putative
28098 PF3D7_0629200
DnaJ protein, putative
28089 PF3D7_0219400
ribosome associated membrane protein RAMP4, putative
28090 PF3D7_0303400
palmitoyltransferase 2.3.1.-
28092 Modifying enzymes PF3D7_0320700 signal peptidase complex subunit SPC2, putative
28101 PF3D7_0904400 signal peptidase complex subunit 3, putative
28114 PF3D7_1433600 signal peptidase complex subunit spc1, putative
28105 PF3D7_1116600 dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase subunit STT3, putative
28106 PF3D7_1128700 GPI-anchor transamidase
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