Maturation of cytosolic and nuclear Fe-S proteins map details

PFID PFID Old Annotation Formal Annotation EC Transcript
PF3D7_1352100 drugs PF13_0271 Atm1 ABC transporter B family member 6, putative, ABCB6 pie diagram
PF3D7_0416700 PFD0807c CDGSH iron-sulfur domain-containing protein CDGSH iron-sulfur domain-containing protein, putative pie diagram
PF3D7_1022900 PF10_0222 CDGSH iron-sulfur domain-containing protein COX13 CDGSH iron-sulfur domain-containing protein, putative pie diagram
PF3D7_1128500 PF11_0296 Cfd1 Fe-S cluster assembly factor hcf101, putative pie diagram
PF3D7_1209400 PFL0470w Cia1 cytosolic iron-sulfur protein assembly protein 1, putative pie diagram
PF3D7_0703100 PF07_0011 Cia2 cytosolic iron-sulfur assembly component 2, putative pie diagram
PF3D7_0824600 MAL8P1.31 Dre2 Fe-S cluster assembly protein DRE2, putative pie diagram
PF3D7_0306300 drugs PFC0271c Grx3 glutaredoxin 1 pie diagram
PF3D7_0304500 loop drugs PFC0205c Grx4 1-cys-glutaredoxin-like protein-1 pie diagram
PF3D7_0614200 PFF0685c Nar1 cytosolic Fe-S cluster assembly factor NAR1, putative pie diagram
PF3D7_0910800 PFI0525w NBP35 cytosolic Fe-S cluster assembly factor NBP35, putative pie diagram
PF3D7_0923200 loop drugs PFI1140w Tah18 nitric oxide synthase, putative pie diagram
PF3D7_1206400 PFL0320w Tum1 thiosulfate sulfurtransferase, putative pie diagram
PF3D7_1365400 PF13_0344 Uba4 adenylyltransferase and sulfurtransferase uba4, putative 2.7.7.- pie diagram
PF3D7_1138100 PF11_0393 Urm1 ubiquitin-related modifier 1, putative pie diagram