Protein composition of affinity-purified exon and B-like complexes
Schneider M, Will CL, Anokhina M, Tazi J, Urlaub H, Lührmann R. Exon definition complexes contain the tri-snRNP and can be directly converted into B-like precatalytic splicing complexes. Mol Cell. 2010 38(2):223-35. PMID: 20417601.
HS homolog PfID Annotation Transcript
Sm Proteins
26178 B PF3D7_1414800 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein-associated protein B, putative
26153 D1 PF3D7_1125500
small nuclear ribonucleoprotein Sm D1, putative
26116 D2 PF3D7_0218500
small nuclear ribonucleoprotein Sm D2, putative
26142 D3 PF3D7_0909800
small nuclear ribonucleoprotein Sm D3, putative
26172 E PF3D7_1350200 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein E, putative
26154 F PF3D7_1126900 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein F, putative
26139 G PF3D7_0822300 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein G, putative
U1 snRNP
26175 U1-70K PF3D7_1367100 U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein 70 kda homolog, putative
26165 U1-A PF3D7_1306900 U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein A, putative
26136 U1-C PF3D7_0812700 U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein c, putative
U1 snRNP Associated
FBP11 Not found
S164 Not found
26180 p68 PF3D7_1445900
ATP-dependent RNA helicase ddx17
CA150 Not found
17S U2 snRNP
26176 U2A0 PF3D7_1369700 U2 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein A', putative
26145 U2B00 PF3D7_0935000 U2 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein B'', putative
26185 SF3a120 PF3D7_1474500 splicing factor 3A subunit 1, putative
26133 SF3a66 PF3D7_0619900 splicing factor 3A subunit 2, putative
26144 SF3a60 PF3D7_0924700 splicing factor 3A subunit 3, putative
26119 SF3b155 PF3D7_0308900 splicing factor 3B subunit 1, putative
26182 SF3b145 PF3D7_1461600 splicing factor 3B subunit 2, putative
26160 SF3b130 PF3D7_1234800 splicing factor 3B subunit 3, putative
26179 SF3b49 PF3D7_1420000 splicing factor 3B subunit 4, putative
26158 SF3b14a/p14 PF3D7_1224900 splicing factor 3B subunit 6, putative
26146 SF3b14b PF3D7_1018500 pre-mRNA splicing factor rds3, putative
26174 SF3b10 PF3D7_1355800 splicing factor 3B subunit 5, putative
17S U2 Related
26143 hPRP43 PF3D7_0917600
pre-mRNA-splicing factor ATP-dependent RNA helicase PRP43, putative
SPF45 Not found
26120 SPF30 PF3D7_0323500 survival motor neuron-like protein
26151 U2AF65 PF3D7_1119300 splicing factor U2AF small subunit, putative
26183 U2AF35 PF3D7_1468800 splicing factor U2AF large subunit, putative
26126 hPRP5 PF3D7_0508700 pre-mRNA-processing ATP-dependent RNA helicase PRP5, putative
26177 SR140 PF3D7_1402700 U2 snRNP-associated SURP motif-containing protein, putative
PUF60 Not found
U5 snRNP
26123 hPrp8 PF3D7_0405400 pre-mRNA-processing-splicing factor 8, putative
26125 hBrr2 PF3D7_0422500 pre-mRNA-splicing helicase BRR2, putative
26181 hSnu114 PF3D7_1451100
elongation factor 2
26140 40K PF3D7_0822800 U5 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein 40 kda protein, putative
26150 hPpr6 PF3D7_1110200 pre-mRNA-processing factor 6, putative
26159 hDib1 PF3D7_1231500 mitosis protein dim1, putative
26127 hPrp28 PF3D7_0518500
ATP-dependent RNA helicase DDX23, putative
26147 52K PF3D7_1031600 gametocyte exported protein 15 conserved Plasmodium protein, unknown function
LSm Proteins
26128 LSm2 PF3D7_0520300 U6 snRNA-associated Sm-like protein LSm2, putative
26138 LSm3 PF3D7_0819900 U6 snRNA-associated Sm-like protein LSm3, putative
26149 LSm4 PF3D7_1107000 U6 snRNA-associated Sm-like protein LSm4, putative
26170 LSm6 PF3D7_1325000 U6 snRNA-associated Sm-like protein LSm6, putative
26157 LSm7 PF3D7_1209200 U6 snRNA-associated Sm-like protein LSm7, putative
26141 LSm8 PF3D7_0829300 U6 snRNA-associated Sm-like protein LSm8, putative
U4/U6 snRNP
26166 hPrp3 PF3D7_1309300 U4/U6 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein PRP3, putative
26171 hPrp4 PF3D7_1343900 U4/U6 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein PRP4, putative
26135 CypH PF3D7_0804800
peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase
26124 hPrp31 PF3D7_0409100 U4/U6 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein PRP31, putative
26152 15.5K PF3D7_1123900
13 kda ribonucleoprotein-associated protein, putative
U4/U6.U5 Tri-snRNP
26121 hSnu66 PF3D7_0323700 U4/U6.U5 tri-snRNP-associated protein 1, putative
26168 hSad1 PF3D7_1317000 U4/U6.U5 tri-snRNP-associated protein 2, putative
26137 27K PF3D7_0818000 U4/U6.U5 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein, putative
26163 hSnu23 PF3D7_1243100 zinc finger protein, putative
26155 hPRP38 PF3D7_1132600 pre-mRNA-splicing factor 38A, putative
B Complex Proteins
26169 MFAP1 PF3D7_1324200 micro-fibrillar-associated protein, putative
26164 RED PF3D7_1306800 RED-like protein, putative
26167 hSmu-1 PF3D7_1311200 transducin beta-like protein tbl1, putative
26162 UBL5 PF3D7_1237800
ubiquitin-like modifier HUB1, putative
THRAP3 Not found
26148 hPRP19 PF3D7_1033600 pre-mRNA-splicing factor cef1, putative
26148 CDC5L PF3D7_1033600 pre-mRNA-splicing factor cef1, putative
26132 SPF27 PF3D7_0614400 pre-mRNA-splicing factor CWF7, putative
26118 PRL1 PF3D7_0302000 pre-mRNA-splicing factor PRP46, putative
Hsp73 Not found
26134 AD-002 PF3D7_0722500 pre-mRNA-splicing factor CWC15, putative
26156 CTNNBL1 PF3D7_1138600 beta-catenin-like protein 1, putative
Npw38BP Not found
26131 Npw38 PF3D7_0608100 conserved Plasmodium protein, unknown function
hPRP19/CDC5L Related
26161 hSyf1 PF3D7_1235900 pre-mRNA-splicing factor SYF1, putative
26122 hSyf3 PF3D7_0403700 pre-mRNA-splicing factor CLF1, putative
26184 hIsy1 PF3D7_1472000 pre-mRNA-splicing factor ISY1, putative
26117 SKIP PF3D7_0218700 pre-mRNA-processing protein 45, putative
26173 KIAA0560 PF3D7_1352700 intron-binding protein aquarius, putative
26130 PPIase-like 1 PF3D7_0528700
peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase
26129 G10 PF3D7_0522800 pre-mRNA-splicing factor BUD31, putative
Proteins identified by LC-MS/MS after separation by PAGE in at least two of three preparations are shown. Note that only a subset of proteins identified are shown hereProteins generally accepted to be common contaminants, such as ribosomal proteins, are not shown.b Proteins are grouped in organizational and/or functional subgroups.
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