Genes coding for transport proteins
Source: Martin RE, Henry RI, Abbey JL, Clements JD, Kirk K.   The 'permeome' of the malaria parasite: an overview of the membrane transport proteins of Plasmodium falciparum. Genome Biology 2005, 6:R26. added putative function
Transport families are assigned according to Transport Classification Database Click on TC number to get into the DB.
TC/PfID Putative function Transcript E.C
TC 1.A
TC 1.A.1
38721 PF3D7_1227200
potassium channel K1
38755 PF3D7_1465500
potassium channel K2
27588 TC 1.A.8.2.2
38706 PF3D7_1132800
5871 TC 1.A.23
38700 PF3D7_1107900
mechanosensitive ion channel protein
5865 TC 1.A.35
38747 PF3D7_1427600 CorA-like Mg2+ transporter protein, putative, MIT3
38703 PF3D7_1120300 CorA-like Mg2+ transporter protein, putative, MIT1
38729 PF3D7_1304200 CorA-like Mg2+ transporter protein, putative, MIT2
5892 TC 1.A.56
38745 PF3D7_1421900
copper transporter, putative, CTR2
38750 PF3D7_1439000
copper transporter, CTR1
5914 TC 1.B
TC 1.B.8.1.1
38749 PF3D7_1432100 voltage-dependent anion-selective channel protein, putative
TC 2.A
5907 TC 2.A.1
38712 PF3D7_1203400 major facilitator superfamily domain-containing protein, MFS4
38690 PF3D7_0916000
major facilitator superfamily domain-containing protein, MFS2
38646 PF3D7_0312500
apicomplexan amino acid transporter apiat10
38660 PF3D7_0516500
major facilitator superfamily domain-containing protein, putative, MFS1
38669 PF3D7_0614300 major facilitator superfamily-related transporter, MFR1
38751 PF3D7_1440800
major facilitator superfamily domain-containing protein, MFS6
38748 PF3D7_1428200 major facilitator superfamily domain-containing protein, putative, MFS5
PF3D7_1117000 mfs domain-containing protein p115, putative
5798 TC 2.A.1.1
38635 PF3D7_0204700
Sugar transporter
38691 PF3D7_0919500 major facilitator superfamily domain-containing protein, MFS3
38690 PF3D7_0916000
major facilitator superfamily domain-containing protein, MFS2
5799 TC 2.A.1.2
38636 PF3D7_0206200
pantothenate transporter, PAT
38699 PF3D7_1104800 metabolite/drug transporter, putative
27671 TC 2.A.1.13 TC 2.A.1.11
38638 PF3D7_0210300
monocarboxylate transporter, putative
38693 PF3D7_0926400
monocarboxylate transporter, putative
TC 2.A.1.25
38697 PF3D7_1036800 acetyl-CoA transporter, putative, ACT
5856 TC 2.A.2
38664 PF3D7_0529200 sugar transporter, putative
5862 TC 2.A.71
38685 PF3D7_0828600
folate transporter 1 FT1
38702 PF3D7_1116500
folate transporter 2 FT2
38627 PF3D7_0104700
apicomplexan amino acid transporter apiat9, putative
38628 PF3D7_0104800
apicomplexan amino acid transporter apiat8, putative
38689 PF3D7_0914700
apicomplexan amino acid transporter apiat2, putative
38704 PF3D7_1129900
apicomplexan amino acid transporter apiat4
5859 TC 2.A.4
38676 PF3D7_0715900
zinc transporter, putative
5790 TC 2.A.5
38668 PF3D7_0609100
zinc transporter zip1, putative
38696 PF3D7_1022300 ZIP domain-containing protein, putative, ZIPCO
5852 TC 2.A.6
5869 TC 2.A.6.6
38631 PF3D7_0107500
Niemann-Pick type c1-related protein
5837 TC 2.A.7
38677 PF3D7_0716900
drug/metabolite transporter dmt2
5830 TC 2.A.7.3
38675 PF3D7_0715800 drug/metabolite transporter dmt1, putative, DMT1
38672 PF3D7_0709000
chloroquine resistance transporter
TC 2.A.7.9
38657 PF3D7_0508300
triose phosphate transporter, TPT
38665 PF3D7_0530200
phosphoenolpyruvate/phosphate translocator, PPT
38716 PF3D7_1218400 triose or hexose phosphate/phosphate translocator, putative
5820 TC 2.A.7.13
38639 PF3D7_0212000 GDP-fructose:GMP antiporter, putative
38656 PF3D7_0505300 UDP-n-acetylglucosamine transporter, putative
5835 TC 2.A.7.11
38701 PF3D7_1113300 UDP-galactose transporter, putative, UGT
5818 TC 2.A.18
38670 PF3D7_0629500
amino acid transporter aat1
38713 PF3D7_1208400 amino acid transporter, putative
38723 PF3D7_1231400
membrane protein icm1
5802 TC 2.A.19
38667 PF3D7_0603500
cation/H+ antiporter CAX
5817 TC 2.A.20
38738 PF3D7_1340900
sodium-dependent phosphate transporter, PiT
38727 PF3D7_1250200 csc1-like protein, putative
TC 2.A.22
38637 PF3D7_0209600 transporter, putative
38658 PF3D7_0515500 gametogenesis essential protein 1, putative, gep1
38705 PF3D7_1132500 amino acid transporter, putative
38673 PF3D7_0714100 H+:amino acid symporter
5829 TC 2.A.29
38695 PF3D7_1004800 ADP, ATP carrier protein 2, aac2
38698 PF3D7_1037300
ADP, ATP carrier protein 1, aac1
38688 PF3D7_0908800 mitochondrial carrier protein, putative
38726 PF3D7_1241600 S-adenosylmethionine mitochondrial carrier protein, SAMC
38744 PF3D7_1368700 mitochondrial carrier protein, putative
38687 PF3D7_0905200 mitochondrial carrier protein, putative
38652 PF3D7_0407500 mitochondrial carrier protein, putative
38683 PF3D7_0823900
dicarboxylate/tricarboxylate carrier, DTC
38711 PF3D7_1202200 mitochondrial phosphate carrier protein, MPC
38681 PF3D7_0811100 mitochondrial carrier protein, putative
38633 PF3D7_0108800 mitochondrial carrier protein, putative
38720 PF3D7_1223800 citrate/oxoglutarate carrier protein, putative
38632 PF3D7_0108400 mitochondrial carrier protein, putative
5850 TC 2.A.36
38728 PF3D7_1303500
sodium/hydrogen exchanger, Na+, H+ antiporter NHE
5845 TC 2.A.44
38648 PF3D7_0316600
formate-nitrite transporter, FNT
5843 TC 2.A.53
38759 PF3D7_1471200
inorganic anion exchanger, inorganic anion antiporter, SulP
20903 TC 2.A.55
38663 PF3D7_0523800
divalent metal transporter, putative
TC 2.A.57
38626 PF3D7_0103200
nucleoside transporter 4, NT4
38684 PF3D7_0824400
nucleoside transporter 2, NT2
38740 PF3D7_1347200
nucleoside transporter 1, NT1
38757 PF3D7_1469400 nucleoside transporter 3, putative, NT3
5923 TC 2.A.66.1
38640 PF3D7_0212800 multidrug efflux pump, putative, MATE
5825 TC 2.A.89
38719 PF3D7_1223700 vacuolar iron transporter. VIT
5789 TC 2.A.97
38654 PF3D7_0417300 LETM1-like protein, putative
5901 2.A.105
38737 PF3D7_1340800 mitochondrial pyruvate carrier protein 1, putative, MPC1
38758 PF3D7_1470400 mitochondrial pyruvate carrier protein 2, putative, MPC2
5803 2.A.123
38641 PF3D7_0216600 Sugar transporter
5883 TC 3.A
TC 3.A.1
38650 PF3D7_0319700
ABC transporter I family member 1, putative, ABCI3
38680 PF3D7_0810200 ABC1 family, putative, ABCK1
38682 PF3D7_0813700 ABC transporter F family member 1, putative, ABCF1
TC 3.A.1.209
38644 PF3D7_0302600
ABC transporter B family member 4, putative, ABCB4
38709 PF3D7_1145500 ABC transporter B family member 3, putative. ABCB3
38714 PF3D7_1209900
ABC transporter B family member 7, putative, ABCB7
TC 3.A.1.201
38662 PF3D7_0523000
multidrug resistance protein 1. MDR1, IP3 receptor
38736 PF3D7_1339900
ABC transporter B family member 5, putative, ABCB5
5878 TC 3.A.1.210 DPL
38742 PF3D7_1352100
ABC transporter B family member 6, putative, ABCB6
38752 PF3D7_1447900
multidrug resistance protein 2, MDR2
5897 TC 3.A.1.208
38634 PF3D7_0112200
multidrug resistance-associated protein 1 MRP1
38722 PF3D7_1229100
multidrug resistance-associated protein 2, MRP2
5916 TC 3.A.1.204 EPD
38746 PF3D7_1426500
ABC transporter G family member 2
5797 TC 3.A.2
38733 PF3D7_1311900
V-type proton ATPase catalytic subunit A
38679 PF3D7_0806800
v-type proton atpase subunit a, putative
38651 PF3D7_0406100
V-type proton ATPase subunit B
38629 PF3D7_0106100 V-type proton ATPase subunit C, putative
38739 PF3D7_1341900
V-type proton ATPase subunit D, putative
38694 PF3D7_0934500 V-type proton ATPase subunit E, putative
38708 PF3D7_1140100 V-type proton ATPase subunit F, putative
38734 PF3D7_1323200 V-type proton ATPase subunit G, putative
38754 PF3D7_1464700 ATP synthase (C/AC39) subunit, putative
38730 PF3D7_1306600 V-type proton ATPase subunit H, putative
38661 PF3D7_0519200
V-type proton ATPase 16 kDa proteolipid subunit
38743 PF3D7_1354400 V-type proton ATPase 21 kDa proteolipid subunit, putative
38643 PF3D7_0217100
ATP synthase subunit alpha, mitochondrial
38725 PF3D7_1235700
ATP synthase subunit beta, mitochondrial
38710 PF3D7_1147700
ATP synthase subunit delta, mitochondrial, putative
38731 PF3D7_1310000
ATP synthase subunit o, mitochondrial, putative
38732 PF3D7_1311300
ATP synthase subunit gamma, mitochondrial
38674 PF3D7_0715500
ATP synthase subunit epsilon, mitochondrial, putative
38671 PF3D7_0705900
ATP synthase subunit C, putative
23948  PF3D7_0415000
ATPase get3, putative, Get3
15828 TC 3.A.3
38630 PF3D7_0106300
calcium-transporting ATPase, ATP6
38715 PF3D7_1211900
non-SERCA-type Ca2+ -transporting P-ATPase, ATP4