Genes coding for components involved in ribosome assembly
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Yeast ortholog PfID Formal annotation Transcript EC# Predicted subcellular localization
Yeast ortholog PfID
SnoRNPs Nucleolus
1913 Nop1 PF3D7_1407100
rRNA 2'-O-methyltransferase fibrillarin, putative
27530 PF3D7_1250000 rRNA-processing protein fcf2, putative Nucleolus
1853 Nop58/Nop5 PF3D7_1008800
nucleolar protein 5, putative
1832 Esf2 PF3D7_0720100 pre-rRNA-processing protein ESF2, putative
15667 Nop56/Sik1 PF3D7_1118500 nucleolar protein 56, putative
25758 Snu13 PF3D7_1123900
13 kda ribonucleoprotein-associated protein, putative
1923 Nop10 PF3D7_1433000 H/ACA ribonucleoprotein complex subunit 3, putative Nucleolus
1897 Gar1 PF3D7_1309500 H/ACA ribonucleoprotein complex subunit 1, putative
1916 Cbf5 PF3D7_1417500 H/ACA ribonucleoprotein complex subunit 4, putative
5.4.99.- Nucleolus
1844 Utp11 PF3D7_0822300 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein G, putative
1878 PF3D7_1217200 multiple rna-binding domain-containing protein 1
1902 PF3D7_1333600 U3 small nucleolar RNA-associated protein 4, putative
1906 Utp21 PF3D7_1357700 U3 small nucleolar RNA-associated protein 21, putative
1902 Utp4 PF3D7_1333600 U3 small nucleolar RNA-associated protein 4, putative
1834 PF3D7_0722600 U3 small nucleolar RNA-associated protein 7, putative
90S particles Nucleolus
1802 Bms1 PF3D7_0106700 small ribosomal subunit assembling AARP2 protein asparagine and aspartate rich protein 2
1911 Rrp5 PF3D7_1404500 rRNA biogenesis protein RRP5, putative
1854 PF3D7_1009200 ribonuclease, putative
1932 Imp3 PF3D7_1461200 U3 small nucleolar ribonucleoprotein protein IMP3, putative
1841 Imp4 PF3D7_0818800 U3 small nucleolar ribonucleoprotein protein IMP4, putative
23579 Lcp5 PF3D7_1358100 sas10 domain-containing protein, putative
1860 Mpp10 PF3D7_1027100 U3 small nucleolar ribonucleoprotein protein MPP10, putative
1894 Dhr1 PF3D7_1302700 ATP-dependent RNA helicase  dhr1, putative
15713 Fal1 PF3D7_0422700 eukaryotic initiation factor 4A-III, putative
1877 Nip1 PF3D7_1206200 eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit C, putative
1834 Utp7 PF3D7_0722600 U3 small nucleolar RNA-associated protein 7, putative
1859 Rok1 PF3D7_1021500 ATP-dependent RNA helicase ROK1, putative Nucleolus
1837 Enp2 PF3D7_0801500 nucleolar protein 10, putative
15709 Rrp3 PF3D7_0218400 ATPdependent RNA helicase ddx47, putative
1900 Dbp8 PF3D7_1332700 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DBP8, putative
1917 Dbp4 PF3D7_1418900 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DBP4, putative Nucleolus
1896 Utp6 PF3D7_1307100 U3 small nucleolar RNA-associated protein 6, putative
25621 Utp11 PF3D7_1247900 U3 small nucleolar RNA-associated protein 11, putative
1815 Utp15 PF3D7_0510800 WD repeat-containing protein, putative
Nucleus Cytoplasm
1880 Emg1 PF3D7_1225500 small subunit rRNA processing factor, putative
1808 Sof1 PF3D7_0409200 protein SOF1, putative
1802 Bms1 PF3D7_0106700 small ribosomal subunit assembling AARP2 protein asparagine and aspartate rich protein 2
1928 Dip2 PF3D7_1448000 U3 small nucleolar RNA-associated protein 12, putative
Nucleus Cytoplasm
1843 Emg1/nep1 PF3D7_0821500 ribosomal RNA small subunit methyltransferase NEP1, putative Nucleolus
1858 Kre33 PF3D7_1020700 histone acetyltransferase, putative Nucleolus
1804 Krr1 PF3D7_0208200 KRR1 small subunit processome component, putative
1908 Nsr1 PF3D7_1359400
Cugbp Elav-like family member 1
Nucleolus Cytoplasm
1838 Pwp2 PF3D7_0802300 periodic tryptophan protein 2, putative
1934 Rcl1 PF3D7_1471000 RNA 3'-terminal phosphate cyclase-like protein, putative
23438 Rok1 PF3D7_0527900 ATP-dependent rna helicase ddx41, putative Nucleolus
1855 Utp13 PF3D7_1013100 U3 small nucleolar RNA-associated protein 13, putative
1851 Rpf1 PF3D7_0921800 ribosome production factor 1, putative
1840 PF3D7_0818400 rRNA-processing protein fcf1, putative
1845 Kri1 PF3D7_0825500 protein KRI1, putative
1881 Rrp9 PF3D7_1226700 U3 small nucleolar RNA-interacting protein 2, putative
1822 Mtr4 PF3D7_0602100 ATP-dependent RNA helicase, mtr4
1866 Cka1 PF3D7_1108400
casein kinase 2, alpha subunit
27463 Mak21 PF3D7_1317900 nucleolar complex protein 4, putative
Pre-40S particles
1886 Dim1 PF3D7_1231500 mitosis protein dim1, putative
34008 Dim1 PF3D7_1415800
ribosomal RNA small subunit methyltransferase a1
33929 Dim1 PF3D7_1249900 ribosomal RNA small subunit methyltransferase a2, putative
1930 Tsr1 PF3D7_1451900 ribosome biogenesis protein TSR1, putative
1811 Nob1 PF3D7_0418700 RNA-binding protein NOB1, putative
Nucleus Cyoplasm
1812 Rio2 PF3D7_0420100
serine/threonine protein kinase RIO2
1885 Rio1/Rrp10 PF3D7_1230900
serine/threonine protein kinase RIO1, putative Nucleolus
1867 Enp1 PF3D7_1109400 essential nuclear protein 1, putative
1875 Ptc3 PF3D7_1138500
protein phosphatase 2C protein phosphatase PPM2
Pre-60S and 90S particles Nucleolus, Nucleus, Cytoplasm
1887 Pwp1 PF3D7_1237600 periodic tryptophan protein 1, putative
1828 Has1 PF3D7_0630900 ATP-dependent RNA helicase HAS1
1850 Dhr2 PF3D7_0917600
pre-mRNA-splicing factor ATP-dependent RNA helicase PRP43, putative
Pre-60S particles
1842 Ssf2 PF3D7_0819100 BRIX domain, putative Nucleus
1831 Sda1 PF3D7_0716100 protein SDA1, putative
1865 Nop7/Yph1 PF3D7_1107700 pescadillo homolog
27465 Jip5 PF3D7_0526300 WD repeat-containing protein 55, putative
1852 Rrp8 PF3D7_0925200 ribosomal RNA-processing protein 8, putative
2.1.1.- Nucleus Cytoplasm
1901 Tif6/Cdc95 PF3D7_1332800 eukaryotic translation initiation factor 6, putative
1919 Nug1/Nug2/Nog2 PF3D7_1423000 nucleolar GTP-binding protein 2, putative
1927 Mak5 PF3D7_1445200 ATP-dependent RNA helicase MAK5, putative Nucleolus
1905 Spb1 PF3D7_1354300 large subunit rRNA methyltransferase, putative
1846 Dbp10 PF3D7_0827000 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DBP10, putative
1810 Nug1 PF3D7_0410700 ribosome biogenesis GTPase A, putative Nucleolus
1821 Nug1 PF3D7_0528800 nuclear GTP-binding protein, putative Nucleus Cytoplasm
1825 PF3D7_0616700
ras GTPAse, putative Nucleolus
1829 Nsa2 PF3D7_0707900 ribosomal protein S8e, putative
Nucleus Nucleolus
1918 Spb4 PF3D7_1419100
ATP-dependent RNA helicase ddx55
1864 Kem1 PF3D7_1106300 5'-3' exoribonuclease 1, putative
1910 Mrt4 PF3D7_1367600 ribosome biogenesis protein MRT4, putative
1861 Ebp2 PF3D7_1028300 rRNA-processing protein EBP2, putative
30440 Loc1 PF3D7_1126400 mediator of RNA polymerase II transcription subunit 21
1833 Dbp7 PF3D7_0721300
ATP-dependent DNA helicase DDX31
25616 Rlp24 PF3D7_0506100 60s ribosomal subunit protein L24, putative
1924 Mdn1 PF3D7_1434500 dynein-related AAA-type ATPase, putative Nucleolus
1839 Rrb1 PF3D7_0816000 ribosome assembly protein RRB1, putative
1876 Rsa4 PF3D7_1146000 ribosome assembly protein 4, putative
20756 Nop2 PF3D7_1129400 RNA (cytosine-C(5))-methyltransferase, putative
1884 Nop2 PF3D7_1230600 RNA cytosine C(5)-methyltransferase, putative
2.1.1.- Nucleolus
25805 Brx1 PF3D7_0729400 ribosome biogenesis protein BRX1 homolog, putative
1882 Dbp2 PF3D7_1227100
DNA helicase 60 Nucleolus
15660 Nop12 PF3D7_1020000 RNA-binding protein 34, putative
1827 Ytm1 PF3D7_0630500 ribosome biogenesis protein YTM1, putative Nucleus
23936 Rrs1 PF3D7_1124800 ribosome biogenesis regulatory protein, putative
1823 Nog1 PF3D7_0612900 nucleolar GTP-binding protein 1, putative
1933 Nip7 PF3D7_1466700 60s ribosome subunit biogenesis protein nip7, putative
1862 Rpf2 PF3D7_1028400
ribosome biogenesis protein rpf2, putative
1888 Dbp9 PF3D7_1241800 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DBP9, putative
1893 Drs1 PF3D7_1251500 ATP-dependent RNA helicase drs1, putative Nucleolus
1912 Erb1 PF3D7_1405800 ribosome biogenesis protein BOP1, putative
1803 Mak16 PF3D7_0203700 protein MAK16, putative
Pre-60S late particles Cytoplasm
20851 Kre35 PF3D7_1431300 large subunit GTPase 1, putative Nucleus
1835 Nmd3 PF3D7_0729300 60S ribosomal export protein NMD3, putative
1904 Efl1 PF3D7_1348300
elongation factor Tu, putative
1857 Nop2 PF3D7_1020400 rRNA(cytosine-c(5))-methyltransferase, putative
1826 Pop4 PF3D7_0627900 ribonuclease P protein subunit p29, putative
1899 Rpr2 PF3D7_1327200 ribonuclease P protein subunit RPR2, putative
1830 Pop1 PF3D7_0709600 ribonucleases P/MRP protein subunit POP1, putative
1824 PF3D7_0615400 ribonuclease, putative Nucleolus
PF3D7_0819000 ribonuclease, putative
1913 Nop1 PF3D7_1407100
rRNA 2'-O-methyltransferase fibrillarin, putative
Nucleus Cytoplasm
1809 Rrp4 PF3D7_0410400
exosome complex component RRP4, putative
1895 Rrp40 PF3D7_1307000 exosome complex component RRP40, putative
1920 Ski6 PF3D7_1427800
exosome complex exonuclease RRP41, putative
1909 Rrp45 PF3D7_1364500
exosome complex component RRP45, putative Nucleolus
1878 Mrd1 PF3D7_1217200 multiple rna-binding domain-containing protein 1
Pseudouridylate synthase
1817 PF3D7_0521500 ribosomal large subunit pseudouridylate synthase, putative
1849 PF3D7_0914000 pseudouridylate synthase, putative
1883 PF3D7_1227900
RNA pseudouridylate synthase, putative
1848 Xrn1 PF3D7_0909400 exoribonuclease, putative
24280 Rnh70 PF3D7_1337300 exoribonuclease, putative
1929 Rrp6 PF3D7_1449700
exosome complex exonuclease RRP6
1805 Rrp41 PF3D7_0209200 exosome complex component MTR3, putative
1847 PF3D7_0906000
exoribonuclease II
1895 PF3D7_1307000 exosome complex component RRP40, putative
Cytoplasmic proteins involved in ribosomal biogenesis and assembly Cytoplasm
33917 PF3D7_1244800 translation machinery-associated protein 46, putative
1879 PF3D7_1220500 ribosome biogenesis protein TSR3, putative Cytoplasm
1818 Drg1 PF3D7_0524400 ribosome-interacting GTPase 1, putative
20851 Lsg1 PF3D7_1431300 large subunit GTPase 1, putative Cytoplasm
1925 PF3D7_1438000 eukaryotic translation initiation factor eIF2A, putative
1870 PF3D7_1121700
ABC transporter F family member 2 protein GCN20
1914 Dph1 PF3D7_1413800 diphthamide biosynthesis protein 1, putative Cytoplasm
1921 Dph2 PF3D7_1429500 diphthamide biosynthesis protein 2, putative
1926 YsxC PF3D7_1442200
GTP-binding protein yiha2
1816 PF3D7_0513400
GTP-binding protein yiha1, yiha1
1807 Der PF3D7_0313500
ras-like g protein
1931 PF3D7_1459100
GTP-binding protein, putative
1868 PF3D7_1113500 GTP-binding protein, putative
Organellar factors
1863 PF3D7_1032000 ribosome maturation factor RimM, putative
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